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Operation Terror puts together the under reported events of the 9/11 attacks into a gripping political thriller. The movie includes Able Danger, the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui, BBC announcing the collapse of Building 7 before it happened, nanothermite in the World Trade Center, the empty hole in Shanksville, the small hole in the Pentagon, Dick Cheney in the White House EOC, the NASA facility in Cleveland, and much, much more. Even though there are fictional characters mixed in with the real perpetrators and victims, viewers will discover more truth in this feature film than they would by watching a decade of nightly news programs.
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The DVD also includes the Director and Writer Commentary.

Director Paul Cross and Writer/Producer Art Olivier tell about the challenges of making the controversial movie, Operation Terror.

Paul was in Washington DC on 9/11/2001 making a documentary on the Bush White House. He stood in front of the Pentagon that dreadful day only to discover that no 757 had hit the building. Knowing that the Pentagon story was not true, he knew the whole story must be a lie. Paul felt that it was his duty as a patriotic American to use his talents to make a movie that, in the words of A&E for 9/11 Truth leader Richard Gage, "could wake America up!"

Art Olivier was the Mayor of Bellflower, California and was Dick Cheney’s Libertarian opponent for Vice President in 2000. Because of Art’s political background, he understands how corrupt politics and the media are. Art used this background along with his two decades as an engineer in the aerospace industry and extensive research in the events of 9/11 to write the screenplay for such a compelling political thriller.

Paul and Art go over which parts of the movie are based on documented facts, the parts that are based on speculation and the few parts that are pure Hollywood. Secrets are shared and hidden messages are reveled as Paul and Art go over the entire award winning film.

Paul also starred in the movie and Art was an extra in a few scenes. In this picture, Art, on the right, drags Paul's lifeless body.


Art Dragging Paul